PTA Decided Not to Block Mobile Phones till 3rd June 2020

Due to current situation, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has decided that the Mobile phones which are currently not registered with PTA are not getting block till 3rd June 2020. 

This deadline is extended because of COVID-19 to relief people , so they can make social distancing.

Mobile phones which are non-PTA approved are blocked after 60 days usage with the local sim. After that you cannot use your local sim in your mobile.

To check your device IMEI that it is PTA registered are not you have to sent a msg with your mobile IMEI number at 8484. To check IMEI of your mobile dial *#06# . 

PTA Launch Application to check your mobile Registration. (DVS)

To Download DVS App Click Here

To Check Online Click Here

After 3rd June 2020 the Mobile Phones which are not PTA Registered are getting block.

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