PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Tournament


PUBG Mobile is well known online game all over the world having millions of users.

We have decided to start PUBG Mobile Tournament. We make a custom room in game and players who join that room will play a match and won that match will receive different prizes.

Every PUBG Mobile players have wish to get Royale Pass but some of good players can not afford. We gave them opportunity to win Elite Royale Pass Plus which is worth of almost 4 thousands Pakistani Rupees.

3 Winners = 3 Prizes

Prize divided into Top 3 Players of Match

1st Position = PUBG Mobile Season 13 Elite Royale Pass Plus(1800UC)

2nd Position = PUBG Mobile Season 13 Elite Royale Pass(600UC)

3rd Position = PUBG Mobile Season 13 (325 UC)

Registration Requirements

Registration Fee 100Rs ( Per Player)

1: Send Registration Fee to EasyPaisa or JazzCash Account.

2: For Registration Click Here

  • Match Type: Solo
  • Map: Erangle
  • Mode: TPP
  • Server: Europe

Rules & Regulations:

  • No Hacks
  • No Cheats
  • No Teamup
  • Only Mobile Players 
  • Emulator Players separate
  • Single Match
  • Room ID will only sent to those players who submit the registration fee.
  • If 100 Players not completed their registration before given time then Match will Postponed.
  • Winner will be selected on the base of points not only Chicken Dinner base.

Points Details:

  • Chicken Dinner = 10 Points
  • Kill = 1 Point

For Example you did Chicken Dinner and only have 1 Kill So you have 11 Points and other hand Player have 12 Kills but he did not take Chicken Dinner but his points are more then yours, So he is the winner and you are on 2nd Position.

If you don not follow these rules you will be disqualify from the match.

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